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April 2023 Tax Flash

Welcome to this month’s edition of Tax Flash. As the end of the financial year rapidly approaches, we're here to share some valuable tax planning opportunities to help you get the best outcome.

We’ll explore how your investment property can bring you a range of tax benefits as well as why you might like to consider pre-paying your investment loan interest.

You’ll also get a quick overview of when to bring forward expenses and when to defer income to reap financial benefits.

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Wrapping up 2022 - December Tax Flash

As we wrap up 2022, and look towards the Christmas period and next year, we would like to take the opportunity to remind our clients of some end-of-year announcements.

We cover the ATO’s recent guidance on Section 100A, the fringe benefit tax on electric cars as well as the roll out of Xero’s STP Phase 2.

Internally, it’s been an eventful few months here at HSPlus, and we also cover some of the key moments.
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October Tax Flash - Going Steady for Economic Stability

The 2022/23 October Federal Budget is the first Labor budget in almost a decade, the Government seeks to provide financial support for aged care, healthcare, the environment, and education. This Budget has resulted in few changes to the individual through proposed tax measures, but the government has deferred previous tax and superannuation measures to allow further time to legislate policies and implementation.

Our October tax flash breaks down the key points from the 2022/23 Federal Budget and how it will affect you and your business.
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July 2022 Tax Flash

In this July Tax Flash, we keep our clients up to date with the latest price increase announcements from both ASIC and Xero.

It has also been a busy few months internally here at HSPlus — from several promotions, to new team members and leavers, and another HSPlus graduate of the Chartered Accountant Program, as well as other news from our practice.
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John Stubbings reducing hours

In this June Tax Flash, I am formally notifying our readers about my future plans over the coming years. As you will see in the statement below, my focus will begin to slowly shift toward the high-level operations of business and away from client-facing hours. I hope you take time to read the statement and make note that while my focus is beginning to shift, I am still available to help optimise your business, as I plan for the day when I eventually retire – whenever that may be. For now, I look forward to continuing working with you and your business. Read more

Tax Planning April 2022

While the end of the financial year is still some months away, the tax planning season has begun in earnest at HSPlus. During this time, we would like to remind you, our clients, of the tax planning services available to you and your business, drawing on decades of experience and industry-leading software. Please note, we are ready to assist your business in planning for tax time, ensuring you maximise the potential benefits available to you, and pay the least amount of legally required tax. Read more

South East QLD Flood Support

With the recent devastating floods in South-East Queensland, several different measures have been announced by both the Federal and State Governments to assist impacted businesses and individuals. This tax flash outlines the various tax support available to those affected.
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COVID-19 Government support and DIN identification requirements

This tax flash covers a number of important dates surrounding both the COVID-19 Government support and DIN identification requirements. Alongside this, the HSPlus team has had a busy quarter internally after celebrating the EOFY and welcoming a couple of fresh faces into the office. We hope this business, tax and HSPlus team update is helpful. As always, please do not hesitate to contact your HSPlus Advisor for any tax or financial affairs. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - South East Queensland COVID Lockdown

As South East Queensland is in the midst of another COVID induced lockdown, the Queensland and Federal Governments have released support packages for both businesses and individuals. The application process is yet to be formalised and we will continue to monitor the status’ of these programs – please review the information below and speak with your HSPlus Advisor if you require further information. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - Super Guarantee Contributions Rate Rise

From 1 July 2021, the super guarantee rate will rise from 9.5% to 10%. Employers will need to ensure their payroll systems reflect this new rate going forward. Please note that most payroll software will automatically reflect this rate change, but we recommend that you spend some time going over your payroll settings to ensure any fixed rates or manual entries are adjusted to reflect the new rate.  Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - Last-minute Tax Planning Tactics 

An important part of our service to you is annual tax planning – early action allows time to ensure you maximize the benefits available to you, so you pay the least amount of tax that is legally required. We will be contacting our clients to review anticipated tax liabilities, superannuation contribution changes and proposed trust distributions. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – Working From Home and COVID-19 Shut Down Protocols

The team at HSPlus+ Accountants have been working hard to stay up to date with the frequent government announcements whilst working alongside our clients to help them operate through these unprecedented times. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – The Federal Government Passes COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Packages

The Federal Government’s stimulus packages have now passed through parliament to provide measures that support the Australian economy through the Coronavirus pandemic. We kindly ask that you review the information provided and keep in mind the following recommendations Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – Goodbye JobKeeper, Hello JobMaker

After what has been a long year since it's inception, the final JobKeeper period is finally upon us. The second phase of the JobKeeper program (JobKeeper 2.0) is set to finalise on the 28th of March 2021. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – JobKeeper 2.0 Extension, Eligibility and Next Steps

As the original JobKeeper program comes to a close, it is time for businesses to start planning for the JobKeeper 2.0 extension from 28 September 2020 to 28 March 2021. In this edition of the HSPlus Tax Flash, we provide a breakdown on the key details of the extension to ensure that you and your business remain eligible for Stage One of JobKeeper 2.0. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – Updated JobKeeper 2.0

The Treasurer has released updated information on JobKeeper 2.0 rules by way of a new legislative instrument, the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Amendment Rules (No. 7) 2020. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – 2020/21 Federal Budget In a Snapshot

In response to the devastating economic impacts that COVID-19 presented, the 2020/21 Federal budget announced by Treasurer Mr. Josh Frydenberg outlined the Morrison Government’s plan on rebuilding the economy. Read more

Your HS+ Tax Flash – JobKeeper Payments: JobKeeper 2.0 Extension Key Dates

Our latest COVID-19 Tax Flash outlines the key dates as part of the Morrison Government’s extension to the JobKeeper program. Read more

Your HS+ Tax Flash – July Tax Flash: HSPlus News, 2020 Planning Day & New Tax Checklists

Our first Tax Flash of the financial year brings you up to speed with announcements on our firm restructure and a breakdown of the information you need to be 2020 tax ready. Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - JobKeeper Payments: Cut-off Dates, Payroll and The Alternative Test

In this edition of the HS+ Tax Flash, we provide an update on the JobKeeper Payment cut-off dates, the alternative test, payroll and your accounting software, and the JobKeeper Hotline from the Big Four Banks Read more

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - JobKeeper Payments: How to Apply & Meeting the Decline in Turnover Test

In this edition of the HS+ Tax Flash, we provide an update on the JobKeeper Payment, outlining everything you need to know in order to meet the Decline in Turnover Test and how to apply for the subsidy.

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Your HSPlus Tax Flash - JobKeeper Payments: What You Need to Know

In this edition of the HS+ Tax Flash, we outline everything you need to know about the JobKeeper Payment and what it will mean for your business

Your HS+ Tax Flash

Your HSPlus Tax Flash – COVID-19 Additional Stimulus Packages Set to be Announced

Support Measures to Assist COVID-19 Affected Businesses & Individuals


Your HSPlus Tax Flash – COVID-19 Handouts & Tax Breaks for Businesses

Australian Government responds to COVID-19: Everything you need to know and how you can benefit

HS+ Tax Flash – COVID-19

Your HSPlus Tax Flash - JobKeeper Payments: Step Two, Monthly Reporting & ATO Key Dates

Our most recent COVID-19 Tax Flash provides you with an update on the JobKeeper fortnightly payment plan and the ongoing monthly reporting requirements to maintain access to the subsidy Your HS+ Tax Flash