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Working closer with you means we can give expert advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it.
It helps you stay one step ahead, so you can focus on your business while we sort out the tedious bits. 


The old saying “cash is king” is more relevant today than ever. A solid understanding of your cash flow cycle is essential for any successful business. Combining proven cash management strategies with accurate forecasting, we can help you maximise cash flow.

We can also evaluate the risk of various scenarios to reduce your chances of running out of money. With our assistance, you can make capital spending decisions with greater confidence and your finance applications are more likely to be approved.


In these economic times, growth is vital for the sustainability of your business. A growing business is also the best way to attract and retain motivated staff.

Growth may be achieved by expanding your current products into new markets or selling new products and services to your existing customers. Together we can help you grow your business and your wealth.

Virtual CFO

Does your business need a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), without the cost of a full time professional? Then perhaps our Virtual CFO service may be of benefit to you.

A Virtual CFO delivers a high level of financial management, analysis and advice normally only possible if you hire an experienced Chief Financial Officer full time in your business.

High Level Financial Direction

  • Financial statement preparation and review
  • Business plans
  • Budgeting and analysis of your company’s KPI’s
  • Financial analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Policies and procedures
  • Profit improvement strategies

With a virtual CFO you will be able to make informed decisions, fully understand your business’ financial position, establish achievable goals and most of all, know the end-result of current activities in time to make a difference.

Purposeful Board Meetings
Regular Board Meetings, of typically two hours, are part of this service. These commence with a review of the previous minutes, followed by a detailed review of the Board Package which we produce. This package includes financial statements and a tailored list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on your business. We’ll identify opportunities to improve your sales, cash flow and profit.

Informed Perspective
We facilitate many Board Meetings and we see similar issues come up in every business. It’s our multi business perspective that perfectly positions us to give valuable advice on how to solve a problem.

Corporate Governance
Our Board Meeting process also gives business owners and directors the opportunity to learn about good corporate governance, which is absolutely essential for risk mitigation and compliance.


While achieving growth is a major aim for many businesses, it is fruitless if it isn’t coupled with improved profitability. Profit is crucial to long-term survival and demands efficient use of your assets and resources. In turn, increased business profitability helps you realise your personal goals and aspirations.

We can help you improve your profit by assisting you with correct pricing, understanding and improving your margins and controlling your costs. We can also help you establish a basis for monitoring performance to ensure your business stays on track to reach and exceed its targets.

Asset Protection

Protecting your personal and business assets is a key objective for all business owners. Lack of planning and inappropriate entity structures can leave you and your family unnecessarily exposed.

Ensuring your asset ownership structure is optimal and you have appropriate insurance in place is central to effective asset protection. We also understand the importance of making sure your assets end up where you intend upon your death.


Ultimately, the purpose of owning a successful business is to sell it and realise the wealth that you have built up. We are able to assist you with developing a succession plan that is in line with your future lifestyle goals. It is important to identify the options for the future of your business after you retire, even if your retirement date is some time away.

This may start with identifying areas that can be improved to increase that ultimate sale price. An effective succession plan can help you extract maximum value, leading to a fulfilling retirement and a head-start for future generations.

Compliance Accounting

At HSPlus Accountants & Advisory, we ensure your compliance with tax and other financial regulations. We complete income tax returns for entities, businesses and individuals associated with the businesses. We offer tax and compliance advice when it comes to income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits, good and services tax, payroll tax, and land tax.

We can also assist with Building Services Act financial certification, preparation of statutory financial statements, effective tax structures, research and development, and export market development. We work within the complexities of legislation and accounting standards to determine the best options for our clients to ensure you meet deadlines and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Tax Planning

Planning ahead for taxation is an important task, which we recommend be carried out various times throughout the year. Based on current economic conditions, it is important to regularly check the results of your business and/or investment ventures and adjust them accordingly. This ensures that your business and/or investments respond to market conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At HSPlus Accountants & Advisory, we take a holistic approach towards your business. We don’t just advise on appropriate tax structures and plan purely around the taxation system, we also review budgets against actual results, prepare and help implement cash flows and suggest ways for your business and its cash flow to improve.

Business Structuring

We ensure your business has the most appropriate structure to provide a tax effective income and protect your business assets. We work with you to systematically identify the key issues that impact structure selection, including ownership, funding needs, business risk, operating requirements, tax issues, and growth plans.

We recommend a business structure that addresses these issues and help you establish it, including registration and shareholder agreements. Having an effective business structure maximises the value of your business performance and minimises the risks related to business structure.

Wealth Creation

Our focus is to help you achieve the following life goals:

  • Creating a business that is easily saleable when the time comes by improving business profit and cash flow
  • Making you financially independent so you have wealth for education, holidays and retirement
  • Protecting your family’s income streams and assets
  • Helping you plan for and manage business succession and estate matters
  • Lodging annual accounting, tax and compliance matters
  • Helping you lead a stress free life

To help you achieve these goals we systematically review your situation at least quarterly and meet with you to explore your goals, performance and results. We utilise specific tools such as budgeting, activity plans, tax planning, restructuring, succession plans and more. We take a proactive role in helping you achieve your goals.

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